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Lapis Lazuli is a deep blue-colored stone that has many benefits to it. You can buy lapis lazuli stone and have this embedded in your ring or a bracelet. This lapis stone has many healing properties like protection from psychic attacks and brings inner peace, balance, unveils inner truth, honesty, compassion, and self-awareness. Lapis lazuli is also considered a Wisdom Stone because of its healing properties. Besides these properties, another fascinating fact about lapis lazuli is its inherent divinity. The stone has an illusion color that looks like a starry night sky. It shares a long-standing association with religious rituals. 

In ancient times lapis lazuli was used as a sacred ornament. An old myth recounts that when the Sumerian goddess of love, Inanna joined the underworld, she wore a lapis lazuli necklace. In Sumerian culture, the lapis lazuli stone is supposed to carry the soul of deity.  You can buy lapis stone online from Kiran Gems.

September birthstone: Lapis lazuli 

Lapiz lazuli is considered the birthstone of September-born people. September-born people should wear it. Although anyone can wear it, there is even a new trend of wearing all 12 birthstones in their respective month. You can buy lapis lazuli stone from any trusted online store and have it made into jewelry from your nearby jewelry shop. It will give wisdom to you and bring harmony to your life. 

Lapis lazuli holds a significant religious status in the ancient cultures of Egypt and Mesopotamia. Lapis lazuli was considered a significant representation of the goddess of truth in Egyptian culture. This is why the lapis lazuli stone is considered the stone of truth and clarity. Lapis lazuli is found by archeologists in graves of people in many ancient cultures. In Egyptian culture, lapis lazuli was thought to protect the wearer in the afterlife and was placed in the grave with other essential items. This was mostly the case with the royal people. 

Lapis lazuli and its connection with Harappan Civilization 

Lapis lazuli was considered of a very high value in the Indus civilization. It is believed by historians that lapis lazuli was brought from Lothal, as it was the best source of lapis lazuli. You can buy lapis stone online. Many stores have a wide range of jewelry with lapis stone embedded in it. You can get all types of jewelry like a necklace with this precious and beautiful stone in the center. 

You can also buy a bracelet, ring and much more. Online shopping of gemstones can be misleading so make sure to from a good store.

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